Biliard Cues

Biliard Cues

All our woods is seasoned from 10 to 40 years.

Measures mm. 38 x 38 x 480 and mm. 38 x 38 x 300


Woods: Maple, Flamed Maple, Purple Heart, Amarello, Angico, Tulipwood, Kingwood, Mocambo Boxwood, Pequià Marfim Boxwood, Flamed Chestnut, Canariwood, American Cherry, Cypress, Concalo Alves, Gabon Ebony, Ash, Ipè, Macarnaiba, Khaya Mahogany, Sipo Mahogany, Walnut, Olive, Padouk, Indian Rosewood, Padouk, Okumè, Santos Rosewood, Pao Rosa, Pavarco, California Walnut, Oak.


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