Filbo Flesswood


We realized this new product “Filbo Flesswood”.

With a special treatment wood become:




Filbo Flesswood is a Filbo new product with Patent.

Filbo is a company that trade in exotic wood importing and working fine wood with which are produced borders, inlays and the Flesswood.

Natural wood that’s strictly seasoned in their stores 10 even 40 years. All the

Filbo Flesswood products are made by qualified Italian craftspeople.

Ours is a laboratory of ideas in which creativity, traditional craftsmanship, technology and design come together in harmony.

Filbo Flesswood is a real innovation. It took extensive research and studies for our engineers to be able to make the wood become flexible and then adapt it to uses until now unthinkable.

Its potential for success on the world market are extremely high, just consider the fact that this flexible and high-quality wood can be used as an alternative to exotic animal leather.

This product is sold per linear meter in bands of 100 cm long and 25 cm wide with a standard thickness of 0.6 mm glued on leather, faux leather or other materials such as fabric.

It is environmentally friendly and 98% flexible in the direction of the wood grain and against grain, not thermo-formable but resistant up to 80° Celsius degrees. Is possible to engrave it with laser. It is water resistant therefore washable and sew able by hand or machine just like a normal leather.

Our wood comes only from sustainable forests to ensure the respect of the forest heritage and the trees life cycle through a rational and controlled use of forests such as to favor the necessary recycling and reforestation of the same. They are certified CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species) and FSC/PEFC (Forest Stewardship Council) (volontary and international instruments to garantee that wood used ensuring that the wood raw material used comes from forests where rigorous environmental, social and economic standards are respected)

The treatment is a real innovation and the fields of applications are endless and range from interior design and decoration to fashion and accessories, from marine to automotive industry just to name a few. It is suitable for any kind of lining. Its high flexibility allows it to be wrapped around extreme curves, columns and difficult profiles.

The processing costs, the rarity of the wood essences and the product uniqueness make that the market to which we propose is exclusive and restricted as it is the luxury market.


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