Wooden Inlays

Wooden Inlays




Our production includes about 800 different types of wood inlays and strips in NATURAL WOODS and sawn slabs of difference essences, used in solid wood furnitures, in restoration, in musical instruments , coffin and objects.

Our wood inlays in natural woods are handcrafted, because nowadays there aren’t technology that can produce them.

Wood Inlays are entirely handcrafted using different types of solid NATURAL woods, using the mosaic tecnique. Processing and pasting work is complex and is done by high qualified handworkers with years of specialization in this working activity.

Because of the fantasy and the complexity of this type of work, and the exclusive utilze of NATURAL WOODS, our products are totally unique in this gender.

The internal wood inlays fantasy are always geomethric, without waves and/or curves. Measures vary from one type of wood inlays to another. The standard thickness is 0,6 mm. By request it is possible to increase the thickness. The minimal quantity depends by the request thickness.

Every wood inlays pack is composed of 50 mtl. (103 cm length); the minimal quantity for strips is 100 mtl.

We even produce customized wood inlays , with a minimal quantity to define.

We cross wood inlays and woods on request.

For Further details please contact us to info@filbosnc.it.

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