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Trees meant as individuals, with their own “individuality”, to be exceptionally old, to be protagonists of historical episodes or linked to the life of great men or saints.

It is surprising to see how living creatures have survived atmospheric adversities, earthquakes, and even historical human events such as wars, invasions, and more recently, overbuilding.

The largest tree in Italy is the “Castagno dei Cento Cavalli”.

Among the trees linked to historical episodes we should mention the “Trees of Liberty”, wanted by the members of the Carbonari movements.

Even some rites of everyday life are linked to particular tree species: at the foot of Cerro di Vetralia (VT), every year the “Marriage of the tree” is celebrated, while there is still no news of the “Noce di Benevento”, assuming that has never existed. Underneath it, according to legend, witches’ dances were intertwined.

The trees have a spirit, a divinity that houses and is one with the trunk and sometimes welcome the ethereal being of the dead.

The population in the most remote times lived the demolition of a plant with anguish. Some large poplars were said to give out sighs if other trees felled beside them or if they themselves were beaten by the wind and the storm.

The propensity to communicate with nature is one of the most evocative aspects of the ancient wood and agricultural cults, still alive in the last century. The man spoke with plants by giving him a soul.

The propensity to communicate with nature is a theme that has remained constant over the centuries.


A natural encounter between the earth’s resources, man’s inventive ability, imagination, study and methodology to get to the final product that is to create an object capable of producing wonderful sounds.

Antonio Stradivari. A true master of luthier art that still makes school today. The centuries have passed but the technologies used then and above all the wood used by modern violin makers for the construction of the violin, have remained identical to those preferred by Stradivari.

One of the most beautiful and prestigious natural resources that Italy can boast of owning is the Stelvio National Park.


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