Certifications FSC and PEFC

Certifications FSC and PEFC


https://it.fsc.org/it-it                                                                     https://www.pefc.it/


Dear Customer,

as attention for the sustainability of supply chain grows, we have decided to include in our development strategy the achieving of a certification proving that the wood with which we make our products comes from Responsible Forest Management.

That is the reason why, since December 21st 2017, our company has obtained the FSC® chain of custody certification.

Moreover, to reinforce our corporate environmental sustainability goals aimed at offering our customers a adding value to the environment service and improving the respect for the environment, on 18 January 2018 Filbo has also obtained the PEFCTM Certification: with it we guarantee the traceability of the raw material coming from sustainably managed forests.

By obtaining these certifications Filbo confirms and strengthens its environmental commitments.

Filbo staff is available to provide you with all the details related to our certified products.

Contact us to find out what our certified products are.


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