The firm Mauri, in activity since 1900, has left for Filbo, born in 1985. The foundators and successors dynamism, willing to maintain and continue the long and high level handcrafting tradition, bring them to claim the leadership in the production of Strips and Wood Inlays made only with NATURAL WOODS.

We directly import woods from the born places, keeped seasoning in our stocks for differents years, depending on the type of woods. This process gurantee a quick utilize of the wood for the customer. Then these woods would be utilized for the production of strips and inlays, or the production and cutting for guitar sets and variuos accessories, or for the cutting for restoration.


We had all the type of wood for restoration like Ebony,Dalbergie of different types, and all the very precious wood used by restaurators. We cut at request, starting from 2 mm thickness. Our production handles even strips and inlays for restauration, on a choosen thickness and customized picture





We afford all the type of woods for lutherie, sold in table or trunk, customized cut, or in guitar sets already done. Our woods for lutherie are seasoned for about 10 years, but some can season up to 40 years.

Our production includes a large collection of guitar sets for acoustic and classic guitar, fingerboards for classic and acoustic guitars, bridges, headveneers, necks, strips, and rosettas for guitars.